Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Specialty: Part I

** Halved new potatoes with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and chives**

**Crostini with sauteed steak, horseradish cream and parsley**

**Dates stuffed with almonds and creamcheese**

**Small sandwhiches of brie, smoked bacon and green apple slices**

**Feta and spicy sausage quesadillas with green chile salsa**

**Mini buckwheat pancakes with sour cream and caviar**

**Toasted baguettes with garlic cream cheese and apple chutney**

**Stuffed button mushrooms with lamb and currents**

**Moroccan marinated chicken kabobs with tzatziki**

I love that Alejandra and I have the same birthday, for it means that I always get to share the joy (and the tasty treats too, apparently).

So this weekend will be spent in the district.
This weekend will be spent remembering.
This weekend will be spent forgetting.
This weekend will be spent going to church and brunch on Sunday, like all good residents of the District do.
This weekend will be spent - let me just tell you that.

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