Tuesday, December 28, 2004

blessed to smitherines

OK Computer: finally found in foci's glovebox. egads!

Foxyboxer tee: hand delivered and a $2 beer to boot. super!

The Cheech: departed for now, but I will be in his groovy company again come Thursday. Neato!

iPod: now fully equipped to plug in to my car stereo. fantastic!

New Years: jet set for Nashville with the usual suspects. woohoo!

Summer Buddy: friendship restored, and beyond. makes me smile!

Wes Anderson: brand spanking new and a double trouble feature too. shivery delicious!

Pens: All full of ink. not one has run dry. Yesssss!

All in all, I feel like it's thanksgiving all over again. My prayers reach up eternally for those who are a mite confused right now; a tad discouraged; a pinch misguided. My heart aches for your highs and lows and knowing that, spiritually, I have so often depended on you for guidance and clarity and that now you seem positively vacant from wanting that role whatsoever. Chin up dear soul... my love is still real and strong, so is God's.

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By Weezer
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

and lavishly so

Oh hypocrisy! That beast of a thing, hated by all; but when tried on for size, seems to fit so well!


Today's soundtrack:

Evening of the Day, Supergrass
Saint Simon, The Shins
Evil, Interpol
Cemetry Gates, The Smiths
Here it Comes, The Doves
Love Will Come Through, Travis
Loose Translation, The New Pornographers
All God's Children, Finn Brothers
Entire, The Spinanes
Let Go, Frou Frou

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Life on Other Planets
By Supergrass
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Saturday, December 18, 2004

It's just like Loverboy said

Current mood: boisterously brilliant!

How do I continue to breathe? How do I walk away from my bed every morning knowing? How does my heart not throb in aching pain from the mere realization? But, I do just that: I breathe, I wake, I fulfill everyday rituals without ever once acknowledging the very center of my existence.

eh... I am prideful, and extraordinarily so.

It is now that I wonder, and try to count how many times in my life I have earnestly prayed for humility -- I should be careful of what I pray for.

I can recall sitting in my Biblical counseling classes, 7 years ago, and listening intently to Dr. Jerry Benjamin. What an incredible man of passion, for both God and others. He made a habit to address us as "beloved" and challenged each of us to take a long, hard stare at our own lives, our own spiritual fractures, our own outrageous pride before ever attempting to consult another person's needs. I had never realized how much of a challenge that actually is until I sat weeping, three days later, faced with a list of prideful motivations and infidelities to my God that stretched to infinity (or, at least through several pages of a lined notebook).

I will never conquer pride, I realize that. For as soon as I have, I will develop a new pride for my altruistic attitude.

This is what I do while working on the weekend... I sit here, and I cook my books. I punch in my figures and pour over the election law manuals. I balance my calendar with my event requests, and I build new fundraising goals based on past performance. I work... and I think about my ever prideful nature. Is it entirely unacceptable to talk to myself?

* * * * * * *

In other items of fairly uninteresting news, I have gone and reached the pinacle. I have been to the mountaintop. I have experienced elation, and this feeling far exceeds it. Folks, I have reached blue-star status on ebay. I should just quit now, because life doesn't get much better than this

Monday, December 13, 2004

my high horse choked quite some time ago

I'm not 100% certain what's going on in the country right now--what's going on in people's hearts--that there is an absolute epidemic of absurdly large coffe/tea mugs. No more shall we drink 12 or even 16 ounces of coffee at a time. We must now and forevermore consume legal addictive stimluants at the rate of 18 to 22 ounces a clip.

I speak this all with the same breath that I now use to cool the tea lurking in my 18 ounce porcelain treasure (mind you, not a miniature toilet, but a coffee mug. Ease your mind for heaven's sake).

Admittedly, I drink tea only to keep my hands warm in this Siberian hideaway of mine - also known as my office. The heater still does not work. It's a double whammy for me. The heat at work does not function, nor does the heat at home. Call me cold-hearted if you must. It's most likely accurate and for reasons entirely outside my control.
I will now type even faster (because I type so much faster than you for sure) in an attempt to warm these frigid and fragile fingers of mine.

Philadelphia vs. Milwaukee. Good stuff yesterday. Kelly and I managed to score club box seats to the game (thanks, dad) and scurried ourselves out to the Wachovia center for an afternoon of crass yelling and general harassment of the players. I like to harass the players. Granted, they don't hear a word that I scream, but I enjoy the harassment just the same. One of the Sixers is the spitting image of Ashton Kutcher.

Pretty boy couldn't land a basket if his face depended on it. He managed to pull out the fun stuff and save the game in the end though, so he was forgiven.
I could go on a multi-paragraph tyrade about the ridiculousness of the corporate run sports world these days, but that would require far too much energy. Instead, I will highlight my disappointement in not being one of the first 5000 fans to arrive at the game, hence denying me a Fat Albert bobble head doll. Oh, how I wanted one of those bobble heads. The tearing portion of this is that the sentiment is completely honest. I really did want one. I managed to convince Kelly to walk the bleachers with me in hopes that some sad and whiny 10 year-old had accidentally left their's behind. No such luck. Everyone was on their toes yesterday. But with a Fat Albert bobble head at stake, who wouldn't be?
Bill Cosby and Keenan Thompson attended the game for approximately 8.4 minutes--just long enough for Mr. Cosby to accept a Good Neighbor Award, thanking him for his continued service to the city of Philadelphia. He then proceeded to kiss and joke with four members of the press before exiting past the Sixers Dancers (who didn't really know how to dance. It was all pretend. They all operate on grants from the Government. That pesky "Get a girl who has no skills a job" grant. 'This young lady needs a job, real bad man.' 'Well, does she have any skills?' 'errr... well, see it's like this... Um... well, she can move her hips!' 'Great! That squeaks her right in for the "Get a girl who has no skills a job" grant!'). I digress.

I've been strangely silent the past two weeks. This is simply an excuse to end the silence. Furthermore, it will act as my once every two months "I'm sort of a bitch" commentary. Thanks.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I love you, heater

I happened to notice tonight that my toes are blue. I saw them and thought to myself: "If only my bedroom heaters worked, my toes might be a friendlier shade right now."

I sleep at night in my big, lonely bed with a heated hot/cold pack to fight the chill. The mysterious daggers forming along the inside of my windowpane are no cause for fear; they are simpy icicles settling down for the winter.
If you hear a strange sound, don't be alarmed. That sound is not the castanets being played loudly at the Copa Cabana, it is merely my teeth chattering to the rhythm of the night.

All I want for Christmas is heat, glorious heat.