Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Two times.
That's two (2).

Two (2) times in the past twelve (12) months I have welcomed a new woman into my life. Well, honestly, they could hardly be considered women. At best, "pre-women", maybe. But these two little girls are some of the greatest accomplishments my siblings will ever tackle and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a mite proud.

The shape of those eyes, the pucker of those little lips, her button nose... yes, she's a Chexican just like her Aunt Monkey.
I arrived at the hospital earlier this afternoon, computer speakers in tow (JC can't stand to be bored for any longer than 38 minutes) and walked through an endless maze of sanitary tiled floors, dodging my way gracefully around wheelchairs and food carts, before finding the maternity ward. Guarding all the precious newborns and their glorious trust fund accounts was a single guard and a huge red double door magnetized and alarmed to the max. I had to be buzzed in, and I'm guessing that I didn't look all that threatening because they barely looked up when I walked through the door. No questions were asked, and no answers were given as I made my way to room 423.

Stepping in through the door, I was greeted by the image of my brother, t-shirt and baseball hat clad, holding his new born little baby girl. She looked like a little pappoose, swaddled tightly in her blanket. JC had her resting in the nook of his elbow as he fooled around on his laptop computer (shockingly). He smiled at me and looked down at Elliana.
"Isn't she so cute?"

I'm not the emotional type, per se, but really it was more than I could take. I instantly swelled with pride over my big brother, over this little human being which he had created. Her nose, her eyes, her mouth... everything was so incredibly small. She already knew how to pout and get whatever she wanted from daddy.
"I think she looks exactly like you" he told me. "even her nose and her chin - she's all you, if that's even possible."
I didn't say anything, but I was secretly overjoyed at the thought of her taking after me. I hadn't previously felt like I'd had any part in this creation. I didn't feel like it had anything to do with me outside the fact that JC is my brother. But her looking like me... it's pretty damn cool.

I watched as JC's massive hand adjusted her tiny little stocking cap more snugly over her head. He smiled at her and I could tell he'd been doing this all day - just looking at her and smiling at her and being amazed by her.
I turned away so that he wouldn't see the tears welling up in my eyes.

When did I get so sappy anyway?

This is my brother. This is wild, unrefined, and unreasonable JC. And this is his daughter, turning him into butter. The melted kind.

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