Wednesday, September 22, 2004

If Heaven goes to Betsy, then who gets Hell?

I have been working with such great velocity and ferocity lately that I've had little time to keep up with things like, well, the blog on myspace. Although I love it and hold it so dear to my heart, and although I've had so many good writing thoughts running through my head lately, so many good ideas, I've simply not had a moment to sit down and actually WRITE. It's left me slightly irritable, but still thoughtful as ever as I keep busy saving the world from such atrocities as New Jersey Republican party leaders, emphysema, crazed unicyclists, and the tragic and untimely death of the semicolon. As you can see, my schedule has been quite booked.

Yet, this is just an abbreviated view of my oh-so-busy schedule over the past two weeks. I have also managed to finish painting a wall in my room, make several impulsive ebay purchases, make a groovy new friend who is as big a dork as I, score tickets to a concert, not-so-fruitlessly garner media attention for a band I think is pretty cool, convince myself (not so convincingly) somehow that I can be seemlessly reunited as buddies with a former fling, taught someone the etymology and proper usage of the word machination, picked up my Cheech from the airport, attended three birthday parties in one weekend, told my mother that I love her, discovered that I really really do enjoy the Postal Service quite a great deal, made several other long and meaningless lists... ummm... let's see, what else.... A lot more of a bunch of nothing really.

*** And I shall miss Jersey City...

I won't miss the commute, but I will definitely miss our neighbors: The Pet Shop Boys, Baker Dorks, and Lombardi's (AKA: Death). I will also miss the parking tickets I seem to get on a fairly regular basis. I will miss the construction that they have been doing on the exit ramp off the turnpike for the past year and a half to no great or even somewhat successful end. I will miss the atrocious parking situation at the Jersey City post office. I will miss the potholes the size of volkswagens. I will miss my picture windows (that one is for real).
Schundler for Governor is moving. We are moving from Jersey City to a more central and certainly larger location where we will be able to facilitate a staff of 15-20 plus volunteers instead of our current number: a meager three. The office is moving to beautiful Mountainside, New Jersey - just moments from such great landmarks as Bowcraft, The Colorado Cafe, and (most importantly) the Echo Queen Diner. Apparently this office even has a shower - which is great considering how many nights I'm sure that I'll be spending there over the next year.
One thing I am really excited about is the 20 minutes that will be instantly shaved off my commute. Oh yes, I'm super excited about that. It will also be nice to eliminate the $150 I'm spending every month on tolls, as I will no longer need to use a toll road to get to work.

So, as of November 1st, Schundler for Governor campaign headquarters will be in Mountainside, New Jersey. Come and join the fun!

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