Friday, April 01, 2005

instant [spanish] immersion

the fortress of security (known as my own, personal office) was nearly breached this past week as my boss, in a genuine effort to help me out a little, tried to move someone into my office with me to assist me in accomplishing my objectives.

oh my. the end was near.

"smarty", our computer networking guy showed up about 10 minutes into lunch and told me he was going to poke around back in my office and figure out the wiring for a new work station. I had a hard time finishing my meal with that unsettling news on the brain.
being the clever and resourceful individual that I am, however, I quickly intercepted this pass and before smarty knew what was going on, 100% control was regained by moi.
physiologic alterations in heart rate and blood pressure soon normalized.
I'm back to my own office again. this was a big scare - bigger than those in the past, but I've managed to escape it, once again, unscathed.

wow. that was a close one will robinson.

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