Saturday, July 01, 2006


First it was this:

Then it was this:

And after that:

But then there was this:

and even this:
Allies of New Jersey | Interview next Wednesday!

And perhaps, eventually, hopefully, THIS:

It's been an interesting week and a half, one involving Peruvian Lillies, ADHD sales people, a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, Becky Nash's little brother, NyQuil, pain killers, and a bottle of blush champagne. I used to share any and all of the interesting things that happen to me, but I find myself becoming more reserved these days. I like it just fine that way, I suppose.

I'm doing pretty OK I'd say. I'm now a part of the club: both the one that hits deer in New Jersey and the one that owns a Volkswagen. I'd tell stories about the guy who sold me the car (his name was McManus), or I'd tell you stories about what I had to do to get the car (it didn't involve sex or microwave popcorn)... I'd tell these stories except I'm far too sleepy right now.

And grateful.
I'm sleepy, and grateful.

my love to all. ta!

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