Friday, May 07, 2004

I loved me madly, deeply even

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy… and I think I might go for a walk outside now, the summer sun – he’s calling my name…you are the sunshine of my life…my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey

Ok, enough of that. A bit cheesy? Perhaps. But it’s been keeping me entertained. I’m in my car constantly, forever, until the end of time it seems and I sing. Oh, do I sing! I sing unabashedly and as loud as my lungs can voluminate! The sunshine pouring through the sunroof, touching my face, my ear – entering my ear, shining straight through my brain and burning the imprint of its presence into my very being – I’ve been singing ever since!

This has been a good, strong week weather-wise; plenty of strong contrasts and imaginative imagery. God is good for that sort of thing, and for this I’m grateful. The days have been warm with titan sunbeams and wispy breezes that tickle every fringe of greenery along their way. All this highlighted by midnight storms featuring the rumbling thunder of Thor and huge, fat raindrops – strong winds and lightning that is not too harsh… the thunder strikes, shakes, trembles the grounds and the lightning follows (or precedes?), laughing gently on the clouds, illuminating tree tops and hillsides in the pitch, dark night. I missed such a storm last night – I was sleeping (ba! What a waste)!

I’m at work today. I had thoughts of (once again) tripping down to DC and spending some time in the sun, on the national mall, perhaps then heading out to the Eastern Shore to visit Dr. Brian and his pooch Isaac. I then remembered: this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Hmmm… she would have been crushed.

So what am I doing for my special lady? I’m not sure yet. I should probably get to work on that relatively soon though, eh? Thank goodness it’s Friday. For real.

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