Wednesday, November 03, 2004

cap'n crunching paint by numbers

I must confess, I feel just a mite cheated.
Cheated out of at least one good, solid week of nail biting, heart pounding, nerve racking, edge-of-my seat action.

I'm disappointed.
My respect for Kerry is torn. I find his lack of action on the re-count front to be quite honorable. We've all been through a lot and I'm sure that thoughts of "Florida Re-Count Part Two: The Ohio Chronicles" didn't really have anyone experiencing a "two thumbs up!" or "Great holiday fun!" type sentiment.
That being said, I'm sort of disappointed with the lack of fire in his belly. Why not a re-count? Why not surety? Why not $4.8 million dollars in excessive legal fees?

My favorite numbers all night? Washington, DC - where Senator Kerry won 90% to 9% against the President.
I was sitting at the bar last night when those numbers caught the eyes of two drifters.
"Wow! Bush only got 9% in the District of Columbia..." (He pronounced it slowly - he had no idea that the District of Columbia meant Washington, DC, our nation's capital).
I had to remind him that there were only about 380 votes cast in Washington, DC. He scratched his head and looked away, sipping his bombay and tonic, which he paid far too much for.

The forecast is calling for rocks through windows here at Schundler headquarters in Jersey City. I'm not about to take my Bush/Cheney signs down though.

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