Monday, November 22, 2004

is that an ampersand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


I saw a gentleman this morning on the platform of the PATH train in Jersey City that looked like Luke Snell. I saw him for a mere moment before the train lurched forward and he was gone - just as quickly as he appeared. I was hoping for a second glance, but no such luck, none indeed.

I took the train this morning because the Foci is in the shop. It's been making some interesting sounds the past few days... well, no, interesting is how you describe a light rattle or a faint bumping every now and again. This sound was far more obtrusive. It rumbled, growled, groaned and moaned with the best of them (not quite sure who the best is - perhaps Joan Rivers? Her daughter Melissa?). So to the shop it went this morning and on the train I traveled to Jersey City. Immediately, I closed myself off from the world (not sure if this is blissful or sad - perhaps a mix of both. I have very mixed emotions about separating myself from my surroundings with something as simple as a set of headphones). So there I was, plugged into the iPod - yes, I broke down and got one. And let me tell you: contrary to televised media depiction, plugging into the iPod made me feel neither "hipper" nor "cooler". Be advised - and I was completely engrossed in my music. The glorious part of the iPod is that it takes life's soundtrack just one step further (or several steps, depending on how far you're going).
Everything is set to music.
Music is set to everything.
I made eye contact, and he smiled. I nodded my head as if to say: "Yes. I know. It's great, isn't it?"
I felt like I was on the same wavelength as this guy here, headphones fixed over the lobes, just like me. My head nodded rhythmically until he looked away and I realized that there was a grand possibility we were not on the same wavelength. In fact, it occurred to me that we might be on completely opposite wavelengths. I'm listening to Devil's Haircut. He's probably listening to... I dunno, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.
I'm delusional with these damned headphones plugged in; absolutely delusional.


Have I slept lately? I don't think so. Instead, I've spent my time sipping Chablis and pumping iron. Snuggled down, but no sleep to speak of - just heavy covers and barely-awake whispers. Striped socks and rumpled trousers that should have been changed into pajamas long ago... it's a good kind of not sleeping though. It's a resolving kind of not sleeping. I covet sleep sometimes. I don't drive home late at night anymore - it's one of the most critical factors keeping me alive these days.

Marketing thought: stuffed John Natelli dolls to give out at future Swiss Auto Club shows. Cute, cuddly, featuring arms that jut out this way and that - gripping plastic drum sticks, fuzzy hair... we could include a miniature bottle of hair gel as a bonus... just a thought.


Happy birthday Mike.
The new office is massive. It stretches from California to Siberia (observe: my personal office is in Siberia. The entrance to the building is in California. Bliss, bliss, bliss). Gregory's office will probably be lost in Scandinavia somewhere... we're still trying to map out that bit.

::Right now::

I'm at the office late tonight and have absolutely, positively no business writing in the ol' blog. I'm pressed though. I'm going to be here for about 4 more hours at least. I needed a breather. I feel like this entire entry doesn't make much sense. Admittedly, I'm suffering a love/hate relationship with the entire entry right this minute. Ignore me... I'm feeling faint.

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