Tuesday, December 28, 2004

blessed to smitherines

OK Computer: finally found in foci's glovebox. egads!

Foxyboxer tee: hand delivered and a $2 beer to boot. super!

The Cheech: departed for now, but I will be in his groovy company again come Thursday. Neato!

iPod: now fully equipped to plug in to my car stereo. fantastic!

New Years: jet set for Nashville with the usual suspects. woohoo!

Summer Buddy: friendship restored, and beyond. makes me smile!

Wes Anderson: brand spanking new and a double trouble feature too. shivery delicious!

Pens: All full of ink. not one has run dry. Yesssss!

All in all, I feel like it's thanksgiving all over again. My prayers reach up eternally for those who are a mite confused right now; a tad discouraged; a pinch misguided. My heart aches for your highs and lows and knowing that, spiritually, I have so often depended on you for guidance and clarity and that now you seem positively vacant from wanting that role whatsoever. Chin up dear soul... my love is still real and strong, so is God's.

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