Friday, January 14, 2005

one flu over the monkey's nest

I've not been myself this week; perhaps a little more frank than moe with everyone. By nature, I am not a cantankerous person. I'd even say that I'm irritatingly upbeat, flexible to a fault.

Every now and again, however, ill's cloud rolls my way and rains it's shameful mess of tissues and vicks vapo-rub all over me as I then approach the mighty rubicon: do I utilize the force (and my lightsaber) to slay the wicked giant, or in my weakened state, do I sit down and take one for the teamsters?

This week, my friends, I chose the latter.

Sickness is an illness.
Don't spend too much time thinking about that.

Amazingly, despite the heavy doses of DayQuil, the monkey buttloads of vitamin C, the seemingly endless amounts of water and/or other hydrating fluids, and the collective 40 hours of sleep this week, I managed to get some work done. With the ominous shadow of a deadline looming over my head, it has been absolutely necessary to spend as much time as possible here at good ol' campaign headquarters. New Jersey will thank me later.

In the meantime, I dance with the devil in these beautiful buildings. I find affirmative action as a useful reunion. I would change his name if it made any difference, as I wait in line for a lasting confession.

** I have a really funny story involving several neckties from the salvation army and a home depot advertisement, but I don't have the energy right now to type it out. Remind me to tell you later. It's worth it. Really. Truly. Trust me. **

Find your way out of this one, lovelies...

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