Thursday, March 10, 2005

veruca salt & sergeant pepper my palate

Headlines read today that the very line which threatened the death of me, is indeed itself DEAD. Finished. Kaput. Over.
Bliss, bliss, bliss...

It's nice to finally get back to normal working hours. Y'know - 12 hour days instead of the ridiculous 16 and 17 hours that I have been working lately.

I've had a lot of doctors appointments lately. Who knew it was so complicated to set up a primary care physician?

It's difficult for me to conceive that my family has been away nearly two weeks (and another week to go)! At first, it was something of a task for me to even think of Peru without my eyes tearing up. Ridiculously sappy? Perhaps. But true nonetheless. My grandfather is getting older and while I plan on moving down there next year, I still want to spend as much time as possible with them all now. I'd be lying if I said I didn't resent not being able to go just a little bit. The salt in my wounds is going home to three noisy dogs every night and stopping off at Kelly's every so often to check on her crazy cats. Speaking of which... if I forget to stop by there again tonight, I might be finding dead (not crazy) cats at Kelly's house.

And this stings. And this hurts just a wee bit.


And now, in the news:

McDonald's May Outsource Drive Thrus
In case Americans weren't getting fatter at a rate swift enough to please McDonald's corporate hogs, the monster cow killers have now decided to move the cattle line a little more quickly through the trough by outsourcing their pick-up window. In a similar article, the AP reports that all U.S. flights to europe are now being heavily scrutinized in fear that americans could begin to bring their disease with them on vacation and business travel, spreading obesity and dimpled fat syndrome across Italy and France. Travelers are currently being quarantined.

Ex-Worker Sues Madonna, Claims Harassment
This is similar to the class action lawsuit that America filed against the pop diva shortly after the 1992 release of her book: "SEX"
Regardless of how the trial ended, Madonna still won seeing as how you can now purchase her nudie book for a mere $145 on Brava!

Shorter, Less Bloody, 'Passion' Opens This Friday
I really don't have much to say about this (but I'm sure many of you do), but I find it interesting that someone would try to make a human being's execution "more palatable to a wider audience". It just sort of struck my funny bone.

Carry on, Mr. Gibson. Can we hope to maybe see second cuts to Braveheart any time soon, in which several scottish patriots perform slapstick comedy for their oppresors while warriors don ballet tutus and dance about to the sounds of Tchaikovsky? Or perhaps a newer, friendlier version of the Patriot in which the redcoats fall subject to unkindly spoken words and much glove slapping? Inquiring minds...

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