Saturday, July 23, 2005

jew see

The glass doors seem to generate a gentle hum as I walk past, the colors slowly moving by, unfocused... I don't pay attention. There are too many choices to pay attention to.
I blindly grab one, two, three bottles from the shelves and move forward to the register, the condensation sweating from my arms as though it were my own.
This is my second trip to 7-Eleven so far today and I'm wanting the bottle of fruit punch gatorade in my hand so badly that I'm willing to open it and take a few sips before I even get to the register.

Last night's party... well, I just realized at some point today that I posted a blog last night. I don't really remember. I remember everything, just not little things (such as posting absurd blogs that make little to no sense).
Somehow, amazingly, I managed to pull myself out of bed this morning at 9:30 and haul behind back down to Whitehouse Station (from the lake) for my first appointment at Curves... imagine that. I belong to a "gym".
Sort of.
I joined for my mother, actually. She needs to move again and this is the only way I see her doing it. So if she needs the moral support, I'm there for her.
I bounced and hopped around to techno remixes of "let's get physical" and "what i like about you" for a good 45 minutes. I felt like shit, but it was actually good. I need to move again too. I hate the gym with a flaming fiery passion and I know that there's no way I would ever go - I much prefer the atmosphere of Curves. There's something about little old ladies and young Christian moms that just makes me want to MOVE IT. Dig?

Regardless, now I have tons of work to do and Sal is taking Amanda and me out on his boat this afternoon.

Tony turns 21 on Monday. Too bad he wasn't 21 during the course or Swiss Auto Club. It would have been really great for him to come to more shows.

And I'm going to be an Aunt... again. And yet again after that. Crazy, isn't it?

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