Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I've been a bit blog happy lately, this I realize. It comes from being unemployed. It comes from having a big mouth (or large hands - both are equally applicable in this instance), it comes from desiring endless amounts of entertainment ranging between the brackets of really cheap and free. It comes from liking the sound of the keyboard as I type at 80 wpm...

I was cleaning out my computer today and came across this picture that I kind of forgot about for awhile. I really, really love it. In fact, it might be in the top five favorite pictures that I've ever taken. Well, maybe the top 10, but it's definitely up there.

This makes the top 10 as well:

There are others too that I don't quite feel like getting into. I do feel like getting into making things again though. Maybe I'll glue together my own pinata... right now I think I'd even be satisfied with a miniature ski lodge built from lincoln logs.

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