Saturday, August 07, 2004

almost there

It's the small things in life. Trees. Rain. Grass - these are all things that Jack had missed while away for the past year and a half in Iraq. Things that I hadn't necessarily even thought about him missing per se.
He told us stories of having no electricity or power for four months. Another time he spent a month and a half living out of the front seat of his truck because they were on special mission - out in the middle of nowhere. He was on night shift then, which means that he had to sleep during the day. During the 120* heat. You don't sleep in that heat, you just pass out.

I'm incredibly awed by his peace, his willingness, his balance. He has no complaints. He smiles often. He looks a little thin, but not too.
Here is one of the most peaceful people I know telling me how grateful the local nationals were to have American soldiers amongst them. They were more than well received by 90% the people they came in contact with. A handful of Iraqis tearfully stood in line to wish him farewell when word spread that he was leaving Iraq to head back stateside. They brought gifts and gave him hugs. They were sad to see an entire unit leave. They were glad that the soldiers were there. That speaks volumes to me.
I've grown somewhat weary of hearing what the media has to say about all this. Are they fighting this war? Then they can keep their opinions to themselves. Is the news ever objective? I fear not (this goes for Fox as well).

I want this all to be over just as much as the next person. In an ideal world, there is no war. Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world. This is the world we live in and we've tried to make the best of it (this is how America was founded in the first place, as I recall).
This dispute will end and millions will have been liberated as a result.
This dispute will end and the next will be right around the corner, waiting.

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