Thursday, June 03, 2004

cultivating seeds of lightning

I'm ready. I'm ready for it. Waiting even. HA!Not quite waiting, but I think I'm at least ready.

This weekend I will drive up to Saratoga Springs, New York for Parker's wedding. I went to the dinner party five weeks ago celebrating her and Todd's pending nuptials, and it turned out great. Much merriment. Many much fun and merriment indeed. Is that how you spell merriment? I have no idea. At any rate, I will drive up to Saratoga Springs and attend Parker's wedding. The entire weekend is going to be like one, big College Republican (old school) reunion. I don't know if I can deal with all the politics. I'm carpooling with HPG and his girlfriend Karen. Now, see, THIS should be interesting. As I stated earlier, however, I feel ready. HPG and Karen are staying at my house in NJ Sunday night. I don't even know where yet. We're pretty much at full capacity right now and HPG is a big guy. He's somewhat likened to the stay-puff marshmallow man, I'd say.

Amanda and I have been working hard, trying to empower as many people as possible lately. Sometimes though, we feel like sticking up a big, middle finger and saying "EMPOWER THIS!"The B-Dawg went and spoke to a group of young home-school students yesterday afternoon. Damn, those kids are so well behaved. My sibs and I didn't fall under the 'well-behaved, quiet, meek and obedient home schooled type children', if there is such a category. We were more the 'obnoxiously loud, annoying, ADHD, disobedient home schooled type children'. A stark contrast, I believe. We turned out pretty OK though, I think. There's always room for improvement, mind you, but we're OK as far as home schooled rejects go. We don't collapse under the pressure of relatively new social scenarios, none of us are terribly unattractive (at least, I'd like to hope so), we're familiar with a plethora of pop-culture references that most fundamentalist, home schooled children would never absorb. I'm incredibly impressed with our ability to function outside of our homestead bubble and interact with society and culture as a whole. Oh, and we're not all that bright. A lot of home schooled children are really smart. We're not. So you see, we've really beat every angle there is. I'm pretty proud. I DID graduate valedictorian. I really abuse my whole "I was home-schooled" crutch. I abuse it entirely. I use it for everything.

Cut someone off on the interstate? "Sorry! I was home-schooled!"
Misspell a word? "Oh! My bad. Yeah, I was home-schooled."
Jab someone in the gut with my cue stick while playing a round of pool? "Oh man. Dude, sorry 'bout that. I was, you know, home-schooled."
Pulled over for doing 85 in a 65? "Officer, I didn't know any better... I was home-schooled."

This blog is really amounting to nothing much. I apologize, you know, I was home-schooled.

***Lying, smiling in the darkshooting stars around your heartdreams are bouncing in your headPure and simple all the timeNow you're crying in your sleepI wish you'd never learned to weepselling dreams you should be keepingPure and simple all the time***

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