Tuesday, June 29, 2004

fair fare is fairly rough fare to find

I'm flying to Minneapolis in a few weeks (woohoo! minnesota! land of 10,000 lakes and 20,000 mosquitos!) for manny and megh's wedding. I've been eyeing airfare like the nasty little air-fare eye-er that I am and happened to notice when the price had dropped by sixty (60!) dollars the other week. I was all over that fare like a fat kid on a donut, like scott on a cute intern, like the GOP on propaganda... I was on it.

exactly one week later that same fare dropped an additional $114. Can you believe that?! So I'm flying to Minnesota for $114 more than I really ought to be. At least I'm going to be in good company.
Manny will sport a monacle with his tux, the Grey Goose Society will be out in full force, everyone will be faded like bourbon street, and the [mariachi] band will play on like the good, wholesome patriots that they are. Cha cha cha... it's going to be a good time and well worth the superfluous $114. I've been busying myself with their website, their save-the-dates, yes folks - even their campaign-like wedding favor buttons that proudly announce the "candidacy" of Thein/Espinoza 2004 (you like that idea? yeah, I thought that was just nifty).

Anyways... NeWaYz...haha

Alright, seriously. For real now. Let's get down to brass tax and talk about the $6.31 tuna sandwich I just purchased across the street at Lombardi's. Where do we live? Beverly Hills?! Nay, this is Jersey City folks. JERSEY CITY. Most people have no busines in line at McDonald's ordering off the dollar menu, let alone spending a whole $6 and 30/100 of another dollar on a tuna sandwich. Oh. they threw in some lays chips as well. so I guess that covers most of it, right? heh.
Y'well the sandwich was mediocre at best. It tasted like tuna (amazingly), nothing else. Just plain old tuna. I was expecting something really special - perhaps some dill - but, not so much. Oh well. I know now why I stopped going to lombardi's.

I'm picking up Alejandra from the PATH station in approximately 10 minutes and I'm itching to fly free from this office. It's been a good day, but it's been a day just the same and I want to head over to Nanda's house and make brownies. Enough of this work business.

I love to hate it.

This is stupid. I'm leaving.

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