Thursday, July 29, 2004


I read this article this morning and it just pushes all my buttons.
It makes me sad, frustrated, desperate...

WebMD Medical News Article on Teen Pregnancy

There are so many people to reach. So many people to educate. So many people to hug - I'm only 24. I haven't done near enough of it. I feel that my years of reaching, and educating, and hugging ended largely when I left Indianapolis. It's funny, because I was thinking of my student Meagan as I was driving in to work this morning. My heart aches for her and I want to see her so badly. I hate that this guy took advantage of her. I hate that her father took his own life last year. I hate that her mother is struggling so much right now, desperately grasping for mental stability as she takes on the awkward role of mother and grandmother at the same time.

I find it perplexing that Meagan was raised with her set of circumstances while I was raised with mine.

This is life. This is the heartache and consequences. The tears, the joy, the scraped knees, the trips to dairy queen, the broken nail, the first kiss, the death of a loved one, the kindergarten graduation, the deep-sea fishing with dad, the lost pound puppy sneakers, the fender bender at the yield sign, the rebellious piercing, the divorce, the nine-year court battle, the imprisoned offender, the insomnia, the fear, the eating disorder, the spontanious trip to disney world, being your mom's hug therapist, the first daughter's wedding, the trip to the emergency room, the first grandchild, the first great-grandchild, the cancer, the secret affair, the mongolian sauce on your favorite dress, the victorious election night, the defeating election night, the black eye your brother gave you in the sandbox, your 8 pet turtles, ice-cream from polar cub, late night tv newscasts that you're too young to understand, your favorite gymnastics leotard, you first dance recital, the piano music played late at night, the drunken debauchery and the grotesque sickness that holds its hand, the morning after, your third place, your first apartment, the horrid roommate...

I don't hate this life at all.
I just hate that ugly things happen to beautiful people.
I hate that beautiful things happen and nobody notices them at all.

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