Wednesday, July 28, 2004

furrowed brows and broken vows

Good: found a dress that is just shy of amazing last night. It makes me look like Malibu Barbie. Is that amazing? Hmmm... not so sure. I do enjoy the dress a great deal though.

Bad: For a mere $6 I was able to score myself the brow equivalent to a bad buzz cut and am now suffering through some nasty ass eyebrow syndrome. They are hideous. There's no fixing them. Ah well - I'll just look like an ass for six weeks.

Note how nice my eyebrows look. Please disregard the frightening bandages. Look past them. Look into my eyes. Look into my soul. See how happy I am with these eyebrows? It's not that I'm with my cousin. It's not that I'm super duper magically tan. It's not that I'm on vacation in Peru. It's not even that I just had the wonderful experience of a dirty, low budget, gumball machine Lima emergency room. It's the eyebrows. I'm glowing because my brows look so damn great.

I'm going to try to work today. It's somewhat difficult when all I want to do is sit here and stare out the window. Perhaps drink some tea. Maybe even bang on some drums, should things get exciting enough.

Some crazy woman called the office this morning yelling at me and saying that we lied to her. We've known she was crazy for quite some time. She kept calling here asking about some $8 million, or $800 million that was coming from the state and going to inner-city police forces and whatnot. We kept telling her that no such thing existed and we're working on a program that would provide municipalities (including police forces) with extra money every year, but we told her numerous times that the program is not yet law and we would keep in touch with her. She proceeded to call several different chiefs of police to tell them that the state of New Jersey is going to be sending them $800 million (sometimes just $8 million). I guess someone told her this morning that she's nuts and there is no such money. She called here insisting that we've been lying to her and that she wants us all fired. She also wants to give an ear full to Bret.
The funny thing is, if Bret were here he would take her call in a second. But I won't let him. I have better ways for him to spend his time.

I love the crazies that I run into in this business. MAX POWERS!!!!

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