Saturday, July 24, 2004

:: caring is creepy ::

It really and truly is. I didn't used to think that relationships were complicated. I have always been a very black & white person. Things simply ARE and anything else is mish mosh and drama.

Relationships truly are unique, confusing, elating, enchanting, irritatingly wonderful, crazily complicated, maddeningly angering things. Be it familial, sexual, social, professional or otherwise.

The older I get the more drama I experience. Being homeschooled, I was saved most of the high school drama. I didn't fully understand what all the fuss was about. Now I look all around me and see so much of it that it's nearly overwhelming, but at the same time so wildly fascinating. It's times like this that I realize why I want to study sociology and anthropology.

I am simply mystified.

I watched it all unravel tonight. It collided. A 12 year friendship, with a one month fling, with a lifelong sisterly bond, with a protective, older, brotherly love. It all came together into this crazy spinning thing called a culmination of grand yet not-so-glorious events.
I watched.
I laughed.
I felt uncomfortable.
I smoked a cigarette.

Outside of being absolutely abhored by one of the creepy persons involved, my presence held zero relevence. This thing, this situation had positively nothing to do with me. Yet I was there. I witnessed everything and made mental notes all along the way. Is it fair that I treated this as a sociology project?

Oh, the drama! You can seldom find such fascinatingly fantastic entertainment. No, not even if you tried. Not even in an afternoon marathon of Lifetime movies.

This is life. This is fact and fable all at the same time. Real people being fake and fake sentiments all of a sudden becoming eerily real.

They write books about this stuff... except they're not near as good as the real deal.

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