Thursday, April 01, 2004

Kineticity (if this isn't a word, I'm making it a word)

I'm feeling rather tortured right now because Dr. Brian is on call all this week at the hospital and I have not much in the way of communication with him. Of course, I may never hear from him again - who knows? I don't think I've ever quite felt as much like a girl as I do right now. I'm realizing that I've simply never connected with someone in this way before. I think Paul is the only guy that has even come close and that was three years ago. It's always the little things that get you and it's the little things that make me unable to quit thinking of Sunday night. The fact that he was completely uninhibited and 100% himself. The fact that he appreciated me using the word tepid because he's as geeky as I am about words. The fact that he knew exactly what I was thinking and responded appropriately - that part was actually kind of creepy.

I think I'm just over excited to have such a cool, new buddy. He kissed me goodnight and I wonder if it was also goodbye - I certainly hope not. Although, strangely (as incredible a time as we both had) we made absolutely 0 plans to meet again. Absurd? Perhaps. Argh - I really want this week to be over. I want him to call or email me. I want him to feed me a word of the day or tell me that he went kayaking with Isaac. I'm turning into a ridiculously sentimental chick. Argh.

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