Friday, April 23, 2004

Velocitize (yep, I'm doing it again - making it a word)

Just started another new book (I know! I know! I promised I wouldn't do it. I promised myself!) I have an entirely too huge stack of books that I've not yet read and I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any new books until I finished what I had already. I bought another Dave Eggers installment and began reading it on a drive back from Atlantic City this morning. I'm so excited for mi libro nuevo!!! Yes, I'm a huge dork. But I've really come to accept my dorkiness - embrace it even. Embracing the dorkiness, the dorkdom really. Tis a wonderfully fantabulous thing...It was once said that there is a lid for every pot. True, true... but what if you're tupperware? *sigh* Some of life's questions may NEVER be answered.

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