Monday, April 12, 2004

Bette Midler sings Outkast

I've eaten so much today that I can nearly FEEL myself getting fatter. Bah.
Tony is sitting here right now shining a flashlight in my face and pretending to be a police officer. He's making Kelly lick his nipples. Hoorah.

We were going to go to Clinton Road tonight up in West Milford to drive around and scare ourselves silly, but JC didn't want to go and we didn't necessarily want to go with just Tony. For some unknown reason JUST TONY doesn't sound all that safe or reassuring. He's a nice kid and all, but...

I don't know why we feel it necessary to constantly be scaring ourselves. We've sat around all afternoon reading from Weird NJ and entertaining our sick minds. What sorts of ghosts or goblins inhabit Clinton Road? Satan Worshippers? KKK members? Crazy old women with shoes tied around their necks? Who knows. We were hoping to go there and find it all, to be frightened by it all. We wanted to run, and scream, and peel out with our tires screeching. We wanted to drive out of there like a bat out of hell, screaming as loud as our lungs can voluminate, hearts beating wildly. Or, we just wanted to cruise down the road with tunes blasting to say that WE DID IT. We conquered Clinton Road and without a scratch on us to boot.
I'm 24 years old... why does this stuff still fascinate me so?

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