Thursday, April 15, 2004

Yenta was a fat, crack ho but I'll take her advice anyway

Alejandra called me this afternoon on my cell phone (again) although she swears that I'm not being charged for the calls because she's making them from her cell phone I'm nearly certain that I'm being charged for SOMETHING because my phone bills have been outrageous lately. Just the same, I miss her something terrible and am always glad when she calls. Her Italian is getting fantastically good and I'm happy that she's getting this experience overseas. For now, I can live vicariously through her. She's having boy troubles, as always. Apparently this Italian boy Dominico, or Francesco, or Sergio, or whatever the hell his name is being a bitch and a total woman. Why is it that Alejandra and I manage to find every womanly man on the planet? We are not high-maintenance. We do not want to talk on the phone to you every night. In fact, if you called us every night we would start to feel smothered. It's the little things, folks. The little things that count. We want to know every once in awhile that someone is thinking of us, but that's it. A quick phone call once or twice a week to say howdy and see how things are. An email or text message letting us know that you're thinking of us. This is it. Wow - that's it. That's all it takes. Pretty amazing, eh? Anyway, we always seem to find these guys that are complete women and insist on calling to have one hour conversations every night or seeing us every night of the week - taking up every second of any spare time that we have. Gosh. I don't want a new life, I just want a new friend. OK OK OK - I'm falling off message here. I did want to type up my lovely little conversation with Alejandra (or make mention of it, anyhow) but I did not purpose to make it the focus of my entire entry. So I digress.

I just talked to Elisabeth moments ago and it looks as thought my little plans for her and Mr. PG might actually work. I've been eyeing to set the two of them up ever since we ran into PG in the Venetian last May. C'mon! After 6 years of never hearing from or about PG and then bumping into him quite randomly in the middle of Las Vegas... it had to happen for a reason. Elisabeth is one of my dearest buddies in the world. I think I would be quite picky about who she ended up with and I must say: I approve of PG. They've been chatting quite a bit lately via instant messenger, email, and cellular telephonic device - every other day or so. I'm glad to hear this. We all made plans to drive to Pittsburgh this summer to spend the weekend with PG and I think that's why they've been talking lately. Of course, I encouraged both of them to call one another. *sigh* it's so exciting. I've already resolved myself to the fact that this is going to be an incredibly girly entry. Ah well... c'est la vie, eh? I'm just sort of excited for ELR and PG, and also a little bored at work. I oughtn't be though - there's a ton of work to do. I have events that need to be scheduled and emails that need to be responded to on top of half a million other things, but here I am, still, motionless, thoughtless, giddy almost, typing in my journal. Because I want to; it's what I want to do right now. I'm looking out for ME this afternoon (and just about every other afternoon, these days). I'm also eating insane amounts of unnecessary sugar in the form of "sour night crawlers" also known as sour gummy worms. These things are the best.

I'll spare you all the rest of this chitter chatter. Perhaps I'll even get back to work.

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