Friday, April 02, 2004

I've got my Orange CRUSH

I'm feeling rather verbose today - rather, rather, rather (not so similar to "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit"). haha

Anyway - not very many people would understand that reference I don't think. Anyway - it's a near-perfectly dreary day here in Jersey City and I'm working hard on trying to work hard at my job. It's growing increasingly difficult, unfortunately. :( Amanda and I are scheduling County Kick-off days down in South Jersey and I'm finding it not only boring, but incredibly useless at the moment. Now, I realize that this exercise is not entirely useless - actually, it's probably not even remotely useless... it just FEELS useless.
Ba! I prayed this morning that I wouldn't be like this all day, but here I am feeling not so productive and being lazy.
In other not-so-interesting news, I had a flat tire last night and am now driving around on the funniest looking little donut. haha - only me. The tire needs to be replaced as well as the rim, which is really too bad for me, but, as the French would say: c'est la vie.

Perhaps I really SHOULD have said, "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" yesterday. Blast.

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