Friday, April 16, 2004

the black hills, the blue skies!

The subject is a remnant of my childhood. There was an old Disney movie called "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band". It actually had Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in it - I think that's the first film they ever did together and how they first met. Goldie Hawn's role was so minimal she was cast merely as "Giggly Girl". Anyway, the movie is a musical and that is a line from one of the songs as all the menly men dance about the place and sing of their beloved Dakota (at the time, a single state).

Speaking of Dakota though, I got a double dose (quite randomly) tonight of Dakota. A call first from Mr. H. Paul which lasted roughly a half hour - it was good to talk to him again. Really good. We've (once again) reached a new level of friendship. It's something between semi-grownup and hopelessly childish. I can't quite decide. He's setting out clear boundaries though by flirting with me, waiting for me to flirt back and then casually mentioning that he and his girlfriend are getting serious. It's very interesting - and then an even more random call from Jozzy. Yes, that's right. You heard correctly... I received a call from Jozzy! I could hardly believe it myself. Who would've thunk? We talked for a good length of time and had a really good conversation. REALLY good. It was... different. Different from any other time that we've spoken anyway. It was like a breath of fresh air. No need for either one of us to talk really, it was just good that we were on the phone, at the same time, and with one another. It connected us, melted us together. It was... good. Pure goodness in the form of a telephone conversation (if such a thing exists). It really was just that: good. I'm glad that we got the chance to catch up a little. It's amazing that we're both in the SAME EXACT SPOT politically and professionally speaking. It's actually almost creepy how similar we are right now. I told him that we're basically the same exact person. Or we might as well be. The same complaints. the same worries. The same desires. Everything is the same. Everything! DAMMIT. I can't get over it. It's great though. And I'm glad that we seemed to bond on this level. I think he'll be calling me a lot more now. I told him to. I told him to feel free to call me anytime he needs to bitch. He said that we should get married. That I should moved out to Iowa, marry him, and then I can work at Wal-Mart and he can work as a cabana boy somewhere serving drinks. I laughed a lot thinking of Jozzy as a cabana boy. It made me smile. It made me smile even more that we're in the same exact spot. At the same stop sign. We have the same rip in our jeans. We're painting our house the same exact color as one another. It's disgusting but creepily pleasant.

I'm getting old. I'm going to bed. I'm talking too much. I'm feeling pretty good about whiter teeth in just 14 days, thanks to Crest White Strips. Ping!

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