Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Lord, that rose the sun, that woke Dr. Brian, who sent the message that made me smile

What a hideously dreary day! The rain is pouring down from the steel-grey skies and had successfully managed to rinse away all of the empowerment I felt last night while I was running and breathing hard and aching to Daft Punk.

I was beginning to feel on my ride into work this morning that I was going to be disgruntled by choice. I was choosing to be in a bad mood; well, not quite choosing to do so at this point, I was more contemplating. At any rate, the thought and possibility was on the horizon until a little message popped up on my computer screen this morning. It was Dr. Brian wishing me well and extending an open invitation for the next time I should visit ("presuming that you would even want to visit again") how ridiculous, no? :)

I grinned like a fool for the few minutes that we chatted while he informed me that Dawn and Judd, his lovely neighbors, "approve" of me. I felt loved.

I am no choosing to have a good and productive day. Brava!

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